Dear blue light, leave. me. alone.

by CLEF Skincare on Nov 01, 2021

Dear blue light, leave. me. alone.

We all know that UV rays cause skin cancer, what about blue light?


Red light, Green light became the hot topic among those who watched Squid Game. Blue light, on the other hand, is becoming a hot topic in the skincare world. Blue light is everywhere. Outdoors, our main source is from the Sun. Indoors, we have another significant dose from our electronic screens and indoor lighting. Because we are on our devices more frequently than ever (thanks to the pandemic), blue light from smartphones and laptops potentially puts a high risk on the skin. Although UV lights should be our top priority while we look into ways to protect our skin, 64% of people are still unaware that this culprit is secretly stealing our youth away too. 


How can blue light be harmful to you? 

Unlike UV rays, blue light does not put your skin at risk of skin cancer. However, research has shown that it can lead to changes in your skin cells and more severely - death. Blue light damages our skin by generating reactive oxygen species (ROS, which are commonly called free radicals) in the skin, causing oxidative damage within the skin. This accelerates the ageing process. Even exposures as short as 60 minutes can trigger these changes. 


Is sunscreen the saviour for your skin from blue light damage?

Short answer: Yes, but no in the long run.


To tackle the UV rays and blue rays, sunscreen is a must in your skincare routine no matter if you are binging Netflix at home or enjoying your hot girl summer under the hot blazing sun for the sunkissed tan. Sadly to say, no sunscreen can provide 100% protection from UV rays and blue rays (yet). Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide are by far the most recommended ingredients in sunscreens. But again, they only do some of the blocking but not entirely. 

Don’t fret, if sunscreen is in your skincare routine, you are on the right track but we have something more beneficial for you to up your anti-aging skincare journey.


What should you do apart from slathering sunscreen all over my face?

Utilize other beneficial skincare products! 

Products that contain antioxidants help protect against oxidative stress, which is one of the negative effects of blue light. If your serum is packed with a variety of botanical extracts, you have chosen the right serum. Botanical extracts are mostly categorized as antioxidants, which calm skin inflammation and protect against environmental aggressors such as our enemy - blue light. 


Start your day with CLEF Radiant Gold Essence that will boost your skin protection from potentially aging blue light. 

Loaded with a variety of botanical extracts such as chamomile flower, algae, and cactus extract, it will serve you well by neutralizing the free radicals generated by blue light. In addition, hydrating Hyaluronic acid in this essence also helps skin to repair itself from any damage that may have already happened. On top of all these benefits, this essence is made with Copper Peptide, which is one of the top-tier skincare ingredients to boost the synthesis of collagen that maintains your skin elasticity and firmness. 


Nevertheless, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen to end your skincare cycle.


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