How to Prevent "Post-Christmas Skin"

by CLEF Skincare on Dec 22, 2021

How to Prevent "Post-Christmas Skin"

Christmas is filled with fun and amazing food but it also brings one unwanted thing: Post-Christmas Skin. You might kickstart your Christmas looking glowy and fresh, but end the celebrations with flaky, dehydrated and red, inflamed skin— or worse, the eventual acne breakouts!

The culprits? Excessive drinking and feasting. Wine and other alcoholic drinks are vasodilators, which cause your blood vessels to over-dilate and eventually burst. 

For the non-drinkers, binge eating causes Post-Christmas Skin too! Festive food is usually highly processed and seasoned, which increases your body water retention, and causes your face to bloat. Not to mention its high caloric value and sugar content— the way they mess with your hormones and metabolism will leave more than just a little impact on your skin.

Going bare-faced and sticking to skincare routines help, but we get it— it’s Christmas! A once-in-a-while event to doll-up and let loose. Sure, you can always do a skin detox to offset the damage afterwards, but here’s the second catch: it could take as long as 4-6 weeks for your skin to revert to its former condition. 

That’s why it’s better to take preventive measures— that way you’ll still have fun during Christmas! Follow these simple tips to minimise the Post-Christmas effects on your skin and get your glow amidst festive temptations!  

Follow a healthy diet

Trust us, your skin works from the inside out— you are what you eat. Stick with a nutritious diet and keep away from junk food at least a week before Christmas!

Deep cleanse your skin

Long hours of makeup will clog up your pores, and it requires deep cleansing and scrubbing to wash the impurities away. 

A deep cleansing gel like no other, CLEF’s Hydrating Cleanser Gel also reduces sebum while protecting and hydrating your skin cells at the same time. 

Avoid makeup

Even better, refrain from using any kind of makeup at all for a few days. Let your skin rest and breathe before the festivities begin. 

Put your sheet mask on

Dry skin is the most common Post-Christmas skin symptom. A hydrating sheet mask will be tremendously beneficial for keeping it moisturised beforehand. 

With so many differently functioned sheet masks out there, our anti-aging copper peptide mask will never fail to moisturise your skin while bringing you 8 extra benefits including reducing wrinkles, pigmentation and fading acne scars. 

Detox with water

Your body is made of almost 70% water and almost all necessary functions in your body require water to do its thing (which includes skin regeneration too). Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated for the festivities to come!

Get your beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is named as such for a reason. Although we are not entirely conscious while we are sleeping, your skin is “awake” and busy healing by itself, so get your 8 hours of slumber to give space for your skin to repair and recharge!

As skincare is a long-term investment in yourself, any small effort you make will contribute to greater results in the end. We hope these 6 steps will be helpful in preventing this festive roadblock on your journey to achieve healthy, glowing skin.