Potatoes: Superfood for Your Skin

by CLEF Skincare on Mar 30, 2022

Potatoes: Superfood for Your Skin

The potato a.k.a. Solanum tuberosum is a vegetable packed with lots of carbohydrates and nutrients, and makes up various dishes on our table. In large amounts, this versatile vegetable may not be the healthiest food due to its high starch and calorie content, but topically, it is certainly a catch for your skin.

Archaeological archives have pointed out that potatoes had been used in skincare as early as 5000 years ago i.e. potato slices used in Peru to soothe skin burns. Yet, the potato has fallen out of popularity as a skincare regimen as time goes by. In the last couple of years, humans seemed to have rediscovered the wonders of potatoes in skincare, as evident from the TikTok viral trend of using raw potatoes as a home remedy for acne. 

Being the first vegetable to be grown in space, the potato not only serves as food, but also brings wonders to your skin beyond treating acne. Here is why—

  1. They can reduce dark spots and brighten skin.

Dark spots show up on our skin due to the build-up of melanin (skin pigment) in certain areas in high concentration due to years of exposure to the sun. Catecholase, a skin-bleaching enzyme that can be found in potatoes, is helpful in lightening dark spots and dark eyes circles after all those sleepless nights. 

Vitamin C in potatoes is a powerful antioxidant that can fight off free radicals to protect your skin from UV damage from the sun and your devices’ screen. On top of that, vitamin C can inhibit melanin production which prevents the formation of dark spots in the first place. Anyhow, prevention is better than cure right?

  1. They soothe inflammation.

Acne is caused by bacteria infection and skin inflammation. Bacteria infection results in a rapid release of cytokines at the site of infection which leads to inflammation. With the high starch content, potatoes are great in soothing irritation and targeting inflammation locally. In fact, there are studies showing that potato extract possesses high anti-inflammatory properties that can calm your acne down through external application. 

  1. They can reduce premature aging and prevent wrinkles.

Aging happens to everyone, but if you notice signs of aging before turning 35, you are experiencing premature aging. The culprit? Free radicals caused by exposure to UV rays.

As mentioned earlier, vitamin C plays a huge role in neutralising free radicals— atoms that damage the DNA in your skin cells, causing wrinkles and sunspots. Moreover, our natural collagen synthesis depletes as time goes by. Vitamin C in potatoes stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen in your body, preventing skin sagging. In return, wrinkles will be less noticeable, giving you a youthful, plump look. 

With these beneficial components available in the potato, it's only natural that this ingredient caught our R&D team's eye, giving rise to the Potato Instant Hydrating Mask. If a quick, easy-to-use rehydrating mask is what you need, try one today to reap the full benefits of the nutritious potato.