Skin Purging Vs Breaking Out

by CLEF Skincare on Sep 07, 2021

Skin Purging Vs Breaking Out

Is it skin purging or are you breaking out?

The moment we add a new skincare product to our routine, we start to manifest, in hopes that our skin complexion will magically be improved in a snap. As exciting as it may sound, you should take note that not every ingredient that is good in general is ‘the right one’ for your skin. Instead of a flawless skin transformation, you are instead left with more surprising bumps on your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Although it may look like acne breakouts, what you are experiencing is called skin purging. 

Keep reading to find out what skin purging is, how it differs from acne breakout and what you can do while experiencing it.


What is skin purging?

Skin purging is a temporary acne flare-up that happens when a new product is introduced into your skincare routine. Certain skincare products (especially anti-aging products) contain ingredients that actively speed up your skin cell turnover rate. In order to renew your skin, all the nasty gunk including dead skin cells and excess sebum that was residing underneath your skin has to be removed to give space to the healthier skin cells.

Skin Purging vs Acne Breakout 

When we notice little bumps on our faces, the first instinct is to ditch the skincare products that we have been using. Hold that thought because it might just be purging! Knowing how to differentiate between acne and purging is the most crucial step in deciding whether to ditch the product or to continue using it. 

Acne breakout - DITCH.

A breakout occurs when there is a bad reaction to using a product due to incompatibility. There are a lot of possibilities that cause the breakout and this includes clogged pores, an allergic reaction, or irritation from the product itself. 

Signs your skin is breaking out: 

  • It leaves a mark as it heals
  • It causes pain, itchiness, and discomfort
  • Breakout has a high frequency of recurring
  • You are having new breakouts in new areas of your face that were free acnes

  • Skin purging - USE.

    In most cases, skin purging is actually a good sign that the product is working for you. Getting through the bad before the good, this side effect is temporary and most probably will be gone in a few days. After your skin is adjusted to suit the product, it is finally time to enjoy the good bits of it for the long term! After all, there is always sunshine after the rain.

    Signs your skin is purging:

  • It doesn't leave a mark as it heals
  • All breakouts started almost at the same time
  • All breakouts clear up within days
  • You are having breakouts in limited areas 

    What to do when my skin is purging?

    The most important step is to use a gentle skincare routine to prevent further irritation on your skin while continuing the use of your newly introduced product. Stick to the basics and make sure that it does not further irritate your skin. Skin purging products such as retinoids and acids tend to make your skin dry. Thus, it is very important to keep your body and skin hydrated at all times. However, if there is no improvement after 6 weeks, your skin may be hinting that it does not react well to the product and it is time for you to stop using the product or see the dermatologist for further advice.

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