Skincare Basics: The 3 Most Important Steps

by CLEF Skincare on Mar 02, 2022

Skincare Basics: The 3 Most Important Steps

Skincare Basics: The 3 Most Important Steps

With the bombarding of skincare products in the beauty market these days, starting a skincare routine does sound a tad bit overwhelming and confusing at times. All of them seemed to be termed as the “must-have” products in order to achieve the perfect skin that you dream of.

If you are uncertain about how to build a skincare routine, or you are planning to roll back to the basics, here is the ultimate 3-step skincare guide for you. 

Step 1: Cleansing

For most of us, the rule is to cleanse your face twice per day - once in the morning and once in the evening. But at the bare minimum, cleanse your face every. night

Why twice?

Throughout the day, natural oils, sweat and environmental pollutants build up on the skin. These cause pore blockage that will result in skin irritation, inflammation and acne breakouts. Cleansing in the evening will wash away all those nasty gunk. 

At night, we toss and turn a lot, giving a chance for the bacteria from our sweat, oils, or saliva to stick on our faces. Even if you go to bed with a freshly cleansed face, cleansing in the morning will be the best practice. 

Just keep in mind that you may achieve a better result by using different cleansers in the morning and night. If you fall into the dry skin spectrum, you may substitute the morning cleansing with a gentle cleanser or plain water and use a deep cleanser at night. 

Suitable for dry and normal skin types, anti-bacterial ingredients such as Lime Extract and Green Tea Extract in Good Vibes Only Creamy Jelly Cleanser work harmoniously to reduce bacteria build up on your skin while preventing signs of early aging for both day and night. 

The right way to cleanse

To properly cleanse your face, using your fingertips, rub the cleanser in a circular motion for around 30 seconds until the product lathers up on your face (don’t forget your T-zone and U-zone). Rinse it off with lukewarm water then gently pat dry with a clean face towel. Now you are good to go for the 2nd step— toning! 

Step 2: Toning

Toners are important because they complete the cleansing process by removing any impurities that your cleanser left behind. Apart from that, toner will help soothe, nourish, hydrate, minimise pores and restore its pH balance. The ingredients vary from each toner to provide different minor functions such as hydrating and exfoliating. Our favourite? Of course, it would be exfoliating toners.

Why exfoliating toners? 

Compared to the other two toners, exfoliating toners address a broader range of skin concerns. Formulated with super gentle exfoliating acids such as glycolic acid, exfoliating toners enhance cleansing significantly while still protecting dry skin types. They shed dead skin cells on the uppermost layer of the skin. Say bye-bye to flakiness, dullness and roughness on the skin! 

To apply toner, soak a cotton pad with toner and swipe it over your skin. That’s it. 

But…why do we need to use cotton pads instead of just bare hands?

Applying toners with cotton pads can help to wipe off any remaining waste that the cleanser did not catch after cleansing, at the same time, providing a gentle exfoliation for your skin. However, be mindful when choosing cotton pads. Always examine the quality before purchasing to prevent irritation on your skin.  

Step 3: Moisturising

Between the toning and moisturizing step, you can always stuff in different skincare products including serums and spot treatments. 

The role of moisturiser is beyond just restoring your skin hydration level but also helps trap in all the products that you have applied to make the ingredients work more effectively. So, make sure that you end your skincare routine with moisturiser. Always.

What we love most about Numee by Clef Pause Skin Perfecting Whipped Cream?

One of the golden ingredients in this moisturiser - bakuchiol. If you have been following skincare guides and tips for a long time, you might already know bakuchiol and retinol significantly decreased wrinkle surface area and hyperpigmentation. However, retinol is found to be irritating and stinging to some users. Bakuchiol shows no irritable adverse effects while bringing similar benefits to your skin as retinol. 

Using approximately a 10-sen size moisturiser, dab a small amount of the cream on different areas of your face to distribute the product evenly all over your face. Smoothen each dab of moisturiser using your fingertips in a circular motion. 


These 3 steps are not the skincare routine steps that you should skimp on. With a few minutes every day, these steps push you a step nearer to healthier, glowing skin. Totally worth the time, right?

Still have questions that remain unanswered in your mind? We got your back! Visit our website here to clear your doubts with our skincare consultant, Grace.