The Only Gift Guide You Need For 2021

by CLEF Skincare on Dec 16, 2021

The Only Gift Guide You Need For 2021

It’s finally the festive season again! Choosing the perfect holiday gift can be a huge headache with so many choices out there, so we narrowed them down into a simple list to help you make a decision. Say bye-bye to the gift ideas dilemma, and find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone with our top picks: 


For Moms, Wives, and Sisters

The ladies adore skincare products— even more so with today’s beauty standards shifting from being aesthetically focused to a more health-centric one. People are now more aware of the importance of skin aging prevention too. That’s why we recommend giving them the CLEF Radiant Gold Essence— great for all skin types and beneficial in 4 ways: anti-aging, hydration, stabilisation, and brightening. 

Designed to be massaged into your skin, you won’t be just gifting her a younger, glowing complexion but also a moment of calm, twice a day (morning and night!). Plus, it’ll save you some headache for next year’s gifting season, as they will love this so much, it’ll even make it onto their 2022 wishlist!

Want to treat the women in your life with more? Why not surprise them with the Christmas Bundle Set, which features our Hydrating Cleanser Gel, Radiant Gold Essence, Anti-Aging Copper Peptide Mask all packed in our limited edition gift box. The next best thing? It comes with complimentary mini essence bottles for their on-the-go skincare on their year-end travels!

For Dads, Husbands, and Brothers

The cleanser is often the only skincare product found in a man’s bathroom. However, just as basic as the cleanser is to anyone’s personal hygiene, it is still an essential, irreplaceable item for everyone to achieve great skin. With that, we recommend you upgrade your dad, husband, or brothers’ skincare regimen with our Hydrating Cleansing Gel.

Formulated to cleanse deeply in a gentle, non-drying way, the Hydrating Cleansing Gel also has an intense moisturising effect on the skin. Such a cleanser is perfect for those who often skip moisturisers at the end of their routine. 

Our Anti-Aging Copper Peptide Mask will surely win the hearts of the men in your life too! With 9 proven functions (anti-aging, minimizing pores, moisturizing, et cetera), it offers a boost in their overall skin condition via a mere sheet of mask— an easy solution for those who find a 10-step routine too daunting. 

For Your Best Friends

Unlike family, it’s not common to know your friends’ personal routines and preferences through and through, so when you show up with a gift that is exactly what they need, you will definitely earn those bestie points from having put in the effort to care!

Let’s start with the easy part: their faces. Observe. How does their skin look, and what can they do to make it look better? Whichever skin issue they have, the Numee by CLEF’s Drops of Benefits collection has a solution.

Dull Complexion and Dark Spots

If your friend isn’t particularly treated well by solar rays, the Vitamin Power serum can help reduce their hyperpigmentation or brighten their skin to its original radiance. It can balance uneven skin tones as well! 

Acne-Prone or Oily Skin

The Clearly Smooth serum contains Fomes Officinalis Mushroom Extract which aids in regulating excessive sebum, purifying and minimising pores. Soon, your friend will find their skin cleared of acne and smoother than ever!

Sensitive Skin

Usually a tricky skin type to tackle, the Soothing Shield contains Niacinamide, an active agent that brightens, repairs, soothes, moisturises and protects the skin while reducing inflammation, as well as reducing your sensitive skin friend’s worries!

Textured or Rough Skin

Often caused by the build-up of dead skin cells, the Gentle Peeling serum, formulated with Lactic Acid, can boost your skin’s metabolism to accelerate cell turnover, then exfoliate to help their skin turn over a new leaf.

Any Skin Type at All!

Hydration isn’t only for your dry skin buddies— the Hydro Boost serum is for everybody. With Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol in its formula, the serum moisturises your skin on the molecular level, while locking moisture in by forming a protective film on the surface.

We hope this gift guide has alleviated some of the gift-hunting stress, or better yet, helped you discover a gift so memorable to your favourite people, that they feel loved and appreciated as well. 

Our Christmas Sale is now ongoing until 31st December 2021. Take this chance to grab functional gifts for the ones you love this festive season.