Why You Should Take Yourself Out on a Valentine’s Date

by CLEF Skincare on Feb 10, 2022

Why You Should Take Yourself Out on a Valentine’s Date

The celebration of love, which happens every year on February 14, seems like a day of romance that is specifically reserved for the couples out there. However, we would disagree.

Restaurants, malls, parks, and more will bring special menus, lovely decorations and amazing vibes on Valentine’s Day, so why not bring yourself out, and give yourself a chance to cherish yourself? After all, self-love is also a form of love!

A Solid Excuse to Doll-Up

That silk gown dress that has been hiding inside your closet? It’s time to let it shine! If you’re usually shy about glamming it up, no need to worry! Everyone else will be overdressing anyway. Valentine’s day will be your day to escape the mundane, and dress up the way you want.

An outfit wouldn’t be termed as 100% complete without some cute makeup! Prep your skin with Pomegranate Instant Calming Mask to moisturise and calm your skin instantly before applying foundation. Well-prepped skin makes your makeup appear smoother, more refined, while staying intact for longer without turning cakey or patchy.

Enjoy the Atmosphere of Love

Immerse yourself in the air of love by visiting beautifully decorated cafes, restaurants and malls. Break away from your usual routine and slowly admire the artistry put into the romantic interior decor. You can even grace your feed with a new OOTD update shot against the decor! 

No one there to be your photographer? That’s the last thing you need to worry about, as there will be plenty of couples around who you can ask for a helping hand. (Help take their photo in return! This makes it hard for them to turn you down 😉) 

If you are based in Kuala Lumpur, we have a few spots to suggest. For an afternoon date, savour a matcha drink at Oh Cha Matcha, located in heart of the city. Love the outdoors? Head to the Moroccan Pavilion at Putrajaya with a trusty tripod for photo ops or simply stroll around to enjoy the breeze.

Your Pace, Your Rules, Your Way

Going on a date with someone else often comes with compromise, as you have to take their preferences into consideration, which can clash with what you love to do. When you go out alone, you get to choose what you want to do, whenever, wherever. Sudden change of plans? No problem! You have no one else to look out for, so do whatever pleases you. Want to call it a day earlier than planned? No problem too. Celebration does not always happen on a night out. 

For a Valentine’s celebration done as a self-care night, play your favourite tunes, light up some aromatic candles, and even whip out a CLEF Copper Peptide Mask. You and your skin both deserve the pampering of your heart’s desire. 


It’s the day of love— there is no need to be stingy when showing love towards anyone, and especially towards you, yourself. Regardless of what you decide to do on your Valentine’s Day, we wish you happiness and contentment on this day and beyond.