Quick Hacks To Shake Off Last Year’s Festive Breakouts

by CLEF Skincare on Jan 02, 2022

Quick Hacks To Shake Off Last Year’s Festive Breakouts

It is not physically possible to remove festive breakouts over a few days especially after all the YOLO nights of binge eating and drinking during Christmas and New Year’s eve. 

However, there are some speedy little hacks that you might not know to reduce the swelling and pain, making pimples less noticeable. Combine these hacks with a tiny makeup touch-up, no one will notice it from a comfortable distance nor in your new year’s OOTD photos. 

In this article, we will look into how to get rid of the appearance of festive breakouts in a short time to welcome 2022 with flawless skin. 

  • Boosted Cold Compress Method
  • This method will shrink your acne size significantly in just a few minutes! Using a clean cloth, wrap an ice cube in it and apply to the affected area for around 5 minutes. You may repeat it two more times to achieve the best result. 

    As cold compress is merely a temporary fix, you can boost its effects further by following up with a sensitivity-friendly skincare product, such as our Soothing Shield serum, to speed up the acne-diminishing process and implement long-term fixes. 

    However, remember to not put ice directly onto your affected area. Doing so will be backfiring - making your acne more noticeable. Always wrap the ice in a clean cloth.

  • Apply Soothing Mask
  • Calm your active, irritated festive breakouts with a soothing mask! Centella Asiatica (tiger grass) and chamomile are some of the best ingredients to calm redness and inflammation. 

    Give your acne a relaxing spa session with our latest creation - Pomegranate Instant Calming Mask! On top of the calming effect of Centella Asiatica and chamomile, the key ingredient, pomegranate, can provide your skin a long-time benefit by reserving your youth through its anti-aging property. 

    Especially for acne breakouts, leave the mask on for no longer than 15 minutes to ensure best results.

  • Hydrate Your Skin!
  • When your skin is dehydrated, it becomes more irritated and produces more oil that further worsens your acne situation. Hence, the best way to reverse the damage is to simply rehydrate it. Drinking 8 cups of water should do the job but you can give your skin a little more help by smearing some hydrating products. 

    Splash some Hydro Boost serum to give your skin an extra hydration boost. Packed with hyaluronic acid, it serves as a humectant that attracts water to the skin in an effort to absorb it, making your skin plumper and dewy by itself. 

  • Don’t Exfoliate Your Skin
  • When we think exfoliation, we imagine our skin renewing and regenerating from having removed the dull, dead skin. Yet, it doesn’t work the same when you have an active breakout. Exfoliation will further irritate your skin and lead to redder, more inflamed and bigger acne which is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve! 

    Nonetheless, exfoliation shall be done two or three times a week to keep your skin at its top performance, BUT only after your acne inflammation subsides. Formulated with lactic acid, applying the Gentle Peeling serum is an alternative, more delicate way to exfoliate your skin, as it loosens the bonds between dead skin cells without abrasion, leading to a more radiant complexion overall. 

  • Don’t Touch Your skin at all (or at least try to)
  • Similar to exfoliators, touching your skin will irritate it too. At worst, touching your skin gives extra bacteria or microorganisms a huge lift into your active breakout, causing more bacteria to be trapped in the acne, therefore making the acne stay longer. If there is a need to touch your face, remember to sanitize or clean your hands beforehand.

    If you’re going through carried forward festive breakouts at the moment, feel free to try these useful hacks out, and share your results with us in the comments below or on Instagram @clefskincare! We’d love to hear from you.